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Our apologies for the issues with the Contact form we had in place new websites are always subject to minor errors...

Our webmaster is working on a working form currently ...

In the meantime if you could

email or call us directly

we would be more than happy to help you plan your vacation rental with us 


Carla Faulkner
Realtor/Property Manager
Email: carlafaulkner@outlook.com
David Plunkett Realty
Ph: (928) 916-0918

Why do we prefer the form as a preferred first contact?

We want to be able to answer ALL your questions and confirm specific details like the following:
1. The property desired
2. The availability of requested dates
3. The rental and deposit information

Once you find your desired property
fill in the contact form complete with property, dates, # of guests etc
... then press send message ...
You will get a auto response confirming we recieved your request

and we will contact you as soon as possible

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